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  • What is the warranty on your fender flares?
    All of our flares feature a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Please visit the warranty page for more details.
  • What do I do if I lost my instructions sheet?
    All of our instructions sheets are available here.
  • Do I need the vehicles paint code to get painted flares?
    We will not take an order for a painted spoiler based on a description or name of a color. You must have the color code from the vehicle in order to place the order. This ensures that we paint the correct color for the vehicle. Many times the factory may change the color mid-year or have multiple options in one color family. We need specifics in order to get the order correct.
  • If I order painted flares, how long before they ship?
    If the flare is in-stock it will be painted and shipped within 72 hours. Occasionally there are issues that arise that will require more prep time, you will be notified if that is the case.
  • Can textured flares be painted?
    We do not paint textured flares nor do we recommend trying to paint textured flares.
  • What brand of paint are used to paint the flares?
    We only use PPG brand base coat / clear coat paint.
  • I gave you the right code, why does the paint not match exactly?
    At True Edge, we want to provide you with pre-painted flares that will acceptably match your car’s paint. In some cases, there are various “shades” of a car’s paint code. These shades can vary from darker to lighter, even though the paint code is the same. In cases where the factory paint exhibits various shades, we try to paint our products with a shade that is in the middle of the shade spectrum to closely match those that are a shade lighter or a shade darker. We paint match to the information provided. However, as stated above, variances can make it difficult to be absolutely perfect. Also, on vehicles older than one year, the vehicle may need to be buffed to bring back the original paint luster to match the newly painted flares.